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Act!vated Story Theatre brings your family folktales and travel tales. Enjoy the stories!


“Rumplestiltskin”, as told by the Brothers Grimm, is one of the classic fairy tales about a supernatural creature who comes to the aid of a damsel in distress and demands a stiff payment (classically a first born child) unless the damsel can guess his name.

We come to you from northern Arkansas near the White River (which we mistakenly call the Buffalo River, which is not far away) after having performed at a series of libraries in the area. We also volunteered to help with the clean-up after the disaster in Joplin, Mo.

Our summer tour is well underway, having started in the Reno, NV area in May, where we encountered snow. And now we are sweltering in the Midwestern summer. We always did go in for variety.

Happy Listening,

Dennis (King, Rumplestiltskin, Servant) and Kimberly (Farmer, Cobbler, Miller, Daughter, Narrator)

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