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Saving Spring / FOTR edition

Saving Spring - a folktale

"Saving Spring", a Scandinavian folktale, is one of numerous stories from around the world dealing with the cycle of the seasons -- such as, for example, the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone. "Naturally", since this particular tale comes from Scandinavia -- a region that consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (sometimes Finland and Iceland are lumped with them as well) -- should revolve around a harsh winter, which is something they get a lot of in those parts.

But we're not getting it in the parts where we currently are. This podcast was recorded at Port Canaveral, Florida, where the cruise ships leave from and come back to -- including the Disney line and the Carnival Line. We could watch these enormous vessels depart in the afternoon, floating by so close that we could just about touch them with a fishing pole.

Families On The Road

We were there for the third sort-of-annual sort-of-rally of Families on the Road (FOTR), an online community of families who live on the road full-time. And the folks who came to this one truly fit the bill. And there were oodles of them, too -- at least 15 families, making this by far the best-attended event yet of this kind. And we of course made use of as many extra voices as we could round up to be guest stars on this podcast. When you got talent like this, you gotta use 'em!

We crammed about 25 people into one RV to record this episode. Below are some of the families we interviewed (in no particular order):

  • The Davis Family (Stephanie and Kayla)
  • The Evans Family (Kati, Auvi and Conner)
  • The Elliot Family (Sue and Savannah)
  • The Whitcomb Family (Tim, Sue, Tyler and Natalie)
  • The Miller Family (Lara and Joey)
  • The Smythe Family (Deb and Jonathon)

CAST in order of appearance

Announcer ..... Abby Bennett
Narrators ...... Zoe Evans, Dennis Goza, Kimberly Goza, Cindy Whitcomb
Mayor .......... Tim Whitcomb
Oscar ..... Zephyr Goza
Greta ..... Auvi Evans
Wolf ..... Conner Evans
Animals and Crowd .... an RV full of FOTR
Guard #1 and #4 ..... Tyler Whitcomb
Guard #2 ..... Gayle Bennett
Guard #3..... Cindy Whitcomb
Winter ..... Chris Elliot
Spring .... Sue Elliot

Happy Listening!
Dennis, Kimberly & Zephyr

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