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Bringing you comedic folktales from somewhere on the road. Act!vated Stories is presented by Act!vated Story Theatre a national touring theatre troupe for children and their families. Join us for a family friendly story and travel tales.

Act!vated Story Theatre brings your family folktales and travel tales. Enjoy the stories!


This month we bring you the Italian folktale Misfortune, about a young woman who has just that, and is called just that (she's called Misfortune, not Just That) thanks to a mean hag who follows her around, lurking in the shadows, and undoing everything the girl tries to do. Until Misfortune confronts her misfortune.

We come to you from Reno, NV, one of our perennial stops on the tour. When we open our new production here this month, it will be about the dozenth time we've appeared at the Washoe Co. Libraries, beginning with our first year in business back in 1988. But at the moment, we're hunkering down constructing props and sets and costumes, oh my. And rehearsing. Hope to see you at a show this summer.

Happy Listening!

Dennis (Narrator, King, Hag, Weaver, Servant, Prince) and Kimberly (Queen, Daughter, Beggar Woman and Assorted Animals)

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